Bad Code Characters in downloaded bmpn file


from yesterday all downloaded files is displaying bad characters from Czech letters. Before downloading I see all very good. After opening Czech characters like “šřřýáí” is display “�����”. I opened to other computer and files older than yesterday are OK newest are bad. Could you reccomend me what is wrong?
On my computer was done ony one change. I installed O355.

Thank you for your tips.


Hi @martinhanu.

Could you provide us with an example diagram and the clear steps to reproduce your issue, i.e. you created diagram XY on, …?

Happy to check what is going on. We need some details in order to reproduce your issue first though.


Hi, yes I can.

  1. I create simple diagram on with Czech characters. I see all characters good (+ĚŠČŘŽÝÁÍ)
  2. I download diagram on my desktop.
  3. I open diagram and I see all bad (+`X}���)

I uploaded this diagram and ome pictures. If you look to *.svg files then you will see errors.TEST1.bpmn (2.7 KB) Before After ![image|1234x543]

I’m not quite sure what I do differently:

  • I paste the characters you provided me with: šřřýáí.
  • I download the diagram (BPMN file) and re-import it into the demo

All seems to look good, please confirm this:


I don’t understand how is it possible. Please check attached diagram.

test.bpmn (2.1 KB)
I see it:

I tryid more browsers and other notebook.


I can confirm that the characters are broken in the diagrams that you provided. However, when I created a diagram at and pasted +ĚŠČŘŽÝÁÍ characters to the task name, the characters were saved and displayed correctly even after download.

diagram.bpmn (2.5 KB)


problem is only on my Notebook. When I try to create and download diagram on my virtual machine then all is OK.


From what it looks like additional UTF-8 characters are injected into the diagram, as you type?

Do you have an extension loaded that may cause this? What is different between your computer and a virtual machine?

Unfortunately we cannot help you with something we cannot reproduce.

I type on keyboard on notebook. 3 weeks ago was all without problem. But aftree installation O365 problem created. But I think that it is noncence. Thank you for your an effort.

I think that I have same problem like in this chapter. Encoding not handled correctly for importing an existing bpmn file

So, now I have same bahavior i my virtual machine. I don’t understand why. Yesterday I installed new virtual machine on base Windows 10. In clean workstation I have same problem. I didn’t change anything after installation. I didn(t install any SW. I didn’t install any SW. Regional Settings is Czech. I’m crying,