Back-office mode rendering?

Hi all,

I’m trying to render BPMN files to Pictures.

I already use BPMN.IO to rendrer directly in web applications, that’s a wonderful library.

I need to do that from my backoffice to generate rendering of all my processes.
Is it possible to use the API without web browser, to load a BPMN file and export it to picture (JPG, PNG, …) ?

My main application is JAVA backed. And i know that it’s sometime possible to call JS code from JAVA.

Thanks for the answer.

You may export the diagram SVG, which is essentially an image and convert it via Java / batik to an image.

ok thank you,

Can i do that using the API only and from java code ?

And the library will do the layouting of elements from the bpmn ?

Is there any examples ?

Thanks by advance.