Avoid parallel flows

Hi there!

I’m wondering if there is any way I can prevent creating parallel sequence flows. For example, I want to offer only the exclusive gateway, and make some checks to avoid having many sequence flows on the outcome of a user task. In addition, limit the types of tasks the user can create would be great.

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TLDR; Not out of the box, you need to customize bpmn-js.

There are a number of components you need to implement custom modeling palette/rules:

At some point we will provide functionality to make this kind of customization easier. We are not there yet, though.



I’ll give it a try.


Hi Nikku,

Is it possible to avoid more than one outgoing sequence flow from a certain activity o User Task ?

I’m looking at the code in ModelingRules, but can’t find this particular case.


Nevermind! I found it.
Just for the record, you can just do–> businessObject.get(‘outgoing’).length >= n
And then make some conditions
bpmn-js rocks!