Are there two instances of EventBus's

Good evening!!!

While going through the dmn-js code base, i feel like there are two different EventBus,

  1. dmn-js-shared/src/base/Manager (constructor creates a new instance of EventBus)
  2. dmn-js-shared/src/base/viewer/core (this module defines ‘type’ EventBus)

is my understanding correct. In order to validate my understanding i wrote a test to add an event in one of the component (using the object received using didi) and fire the event using the manager._emit method (i know its a private method, this is just a test to validate my understanding). The event did not fire so… are there two instances of eventBus.

Thank you…

In dmn-js every editor has its own event bus. In addition to that, dmn-js itself which holds all the editors has its own event bus. They do not interfere with each other.

Thank you very much for your response, this is really helpful. Now I understand why some of my events are not triggering…