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Hi guys,
First of all I love the BPMN modeler. I now work in Enteprise Architecture and sometimes I wish there was a simple modeling tool like it, but for Open Group’s Archimate notation. I recently created some templates for Powerpoint and it got we wondering whether anybody has ever suggested creating an Archimate modeler using the snappy js modeling library you use.

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I have been an enterprise architect for years and there is no Archimate tool like the modeler.
So I started to implement an Archimate modeler based on diagram-js but since I’m new to JS development, I need time to be productive !
I hope to have something that works for the last quarter of 22.

If anyone is interested in this project, let me know and I’ll create a public github project.


Nice, that sounds exactly sort of thing I would like to support. Not that great with JS myself either, but if you put up what you’ve got I’m happy to have a look at it and hopefully we could more people involved. I guess the key thing is that the tool should be able to support at least key parts of archimate file format. Also if there is a possibility to load diagrams through a standard API that would make a data-driven approach to creating diagrams feasible and version control is always great to have.

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I could be mistaken but I believe there may be a licensing cost to implement the archimate notation in a tool.
I’d reach out to the Open group to find out.

However, if you did develop something, I think it would be great if you could somehow build it off of (although I understand the desire to use diagram-js)

Here is a link to commercial license for Archimate. Not sure if this applies to open source or not.

Yeah, That’s a good point. BPMN is an Open Group standard and I thought it would be good to compare the licenses, but could not find one.

Thanks for the advise.
I think that licensing fee is only for commercial use and not for free tool like for example Archi (
There is also an Archimate tool certification to be conformed with Archimate specifications.
By the way, I’m not at that point and my first goal is to have an archimate tool based on diagram-js (who is under MIT license) but, as you wrote, build out of the bpmnio framework.
So I’m refactoring a brand new moddle library based on archimate model exchange file format to import and export native XML archimate file.
After that, refactoring a base modeler to draw archimate elements is not so difficult, but certainly long because there is a lot of different shapes to implement. The last thing is to implement a properties panel to read and modify elements. I’ve catched some examples to work on.

Cool that You are still working on the idea. I recently built a powerpoint template that I can use to create simple Archimate designs. I would love to have a better tool though. There are some free ones like Archi that are pretty nice, but it would be great to have style online implementation with all the best features. I especially like the way Archi allows you to first draw arrows and then select from the types that are applicable to the connected elements

I’m happy to show you the first screenshot of the POC ! This is a first step with all the pieces working together.


Behind this image, I first built a brand new moddle library to support native Archimate XML description so you can import or export native XML Archimate files. It’s been hard work and at this time, all XML tags aren’t completly supported but I’m on my way.

The modeler has been deeply redesigned to support the new model provided by the moddle library. I have started rendering some Archimate elements as you can see on the palette, but there is a lot to do for all Archimate elements and properties…

Finaly, I decided to implement a full React interface with MUI framework to display Archimate canvas and the properties panel. The canvas elements and the properties panel are fully synchronized using the eventbus of diagram-js framework.

The frontend is connected to a Koa backend server to store Archimate models on the MongoDB cloud. Later, I will want to develop account and team management to work and share Archimate models online.

By now, the next step is to finelize and deploy this POC online, possibly before the end of the year.


Cool stuff. Sounds like you really had to put some major effort into it. Looking forward to trying it out.

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It is incredible to see the progress you’re making @vbo75. If you develop reasonable parts of it source available (so users can have a look how things work) consider contributing it to our awesome list (in the apps section I guess).

Very nice stuff :slight_smile:

Happy new year !

The archimate modeler demonstrator is now online here !

I will try to release new features at least every month as there are two main areas of development : completing the archimate 3.2 specification and developing the personal profile.

Thank you for your support.


@vbo75 If you want to link archimate-js from diagram-js file a PR.

A great showcase of reusing the diagram core engine.

Thanks @nikku !
The PR is posted.

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Nice job i like your work

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