Append Task with extra checks

for a chatbot project i’m currently working on i have to extend bpmn-js in order to be able to run certain checks on a task.
E.g. i have a task called “Create Pizza”, where for this task i need to add custom annotations like “Add Salami”, “Add Mushrooms”, and so on. These annotations should behave like some sort of checks. So my flow should look like something like this:
Enter task "Create Pizza " → Add Salami → Add Mushrooms → Exit task “Create Pizza” → Continue with rest of the flow.

Are there any tutorials, other than just creating custom elements, that focus on extending annotations and how to implement them into the flow/business logic?

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maybe this example will help you: bpmn-js-examples/custom-elements at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples · GitHub