Anyone wants to start along in roll your own modeler?

I have been able to to clone bpms-js-examples, But seems to be breaking and lots of functionalities.

I want to try Roll your own modeler option in walkthrough.

I stuck at the bundling method using webpack.
(if any other like Rollup Also I am fine.)

Is there any walkthrough video or anyone wants to tag along and do assist ?
(Need beginner advices …)

What exactly are you trying to do and where are you stuck?

I want to add functionalities such as Custom palette, AutoPopulating properties panel etc.

I already was able to create a modeler by building on top of bpmn-js-examples. This had features like Service task in palette and colouring via a prompt request.
Like this :point_down:

This was bundled using less knowledge of webpack and thus while creating new functionalities do throw errors…

If anyone knows how to create a modeler from scratch with appropriate folders ( I think the index.html etc should be in src folder etc…) and bundle with webpack or rollup…
It would be a great help