Any way to link diagrams or elements?

I’ve started using to create a set of complex process models in a single diagram with several pages that are linked together to jump around. But I find that i cannot jump “back”, so it’s really cumbersome to use this as a browseable tool for my coworkers. So I found, thinking something purpose-made for bpmn would be better, but so far I don’t even see the ability to create a link. Is this true?

You should look at integrated tools that have the perception of multiple linked diagrams. As far as I am aware Cawemo, a collaborative modeling tool built by Camunda supports linking diagrams with each other. You should give it a shot.


Thanks Nikku. I prefer to use free open source tools when possible. I’ve discovered a way to navigate pages of my BPMN models in!topic/drawio/jO5aci0vv9k