Announcing Drupal integration

Just wanted to announce that we’ve worked hard in the last few months, to integrate BPMN-iO into Drupal, the leading CMS framework with a huge community worldwide.

This has been done as part of a wider project, which build a rules engine into Drupal, where BPMN-iO is supposed to be the default modeller to define those rules inside the Drupal backend. The main project is called ECA - Events Conditions Actions and the modeller is a separate project called BPMN-iO

We’ve just released beta 1 last night and will continue working on it for the next few months especially to improve the UI. There is already a small list of stiff in the issue queue for BPMN-iO, but there will be more to come. Especially accessibility is a big topic in our community and we will have to adjust quite a few UI components to that regard.

I just wanted to make the BPMN-iO community aware of this integration, not knowing if that’s of any interest to anyone here.

But I also wanted to reach out to see if and how collaboration on changes like what we mentioned above would be handled here. So I’m really interested to get in touch and hopefully have some lively discussions about things.


First and foremost, thanks a lot for sharing that integration story. Sounds truely exciting.

Collaboration on bugs and feature request is handled via GitHub. We’re happy to engage with you there.

What works great in many ways is if you have a clear picture of what you’d like to accomplish and approach us with that. For simple questions or discussions involving all community members the forum is a great place to kick things off, too.

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