Angular project object injection


I used custom properties panel provider and added to a custom button. I can inject some kind of bpmn-js objects as in example. But another custom object or angular service cannot injectable in provider. Is there any way inject angular object or service?

My project is angular and I found the solution and used in other modules as a injected object.

export class MyLoggingPlugin {
    static $inject = ['eventBus', 'dialogService'];
    constructor(eventBus: any, dialogService: DialogService) {
        console.log('DIALOG', dialogService);
        eventBus.on('element.changed', event => {
            console.log('Plugin element ', event.element, ' changed');

const LogModule = {
            __depends__: [CoreModule],
            __init__: ['myLoggingPlugin'],
            myLoggingPlugin: ['type', MyLoggingPlugin],

this.bpmnJS = new Modeler({
            container: '#js-canvas',
            propertiesPanel: {
                parent: '#js-properties-panel',
            additionalModules: [
                { dialogService: ['value', this.dialogService] },