Angular example app

Hi All,

I try to follow bpmn-js-example-angular but I have a problem creating a completely empty editor (I’ve disabled to load any picture) in the first place. When I try to do so, each element I’m taking from the pallet is refused to be put. Like here:

I have no idea why is it happening, maybe somebody will have any idea?

I’m not providing my code, because it’s very similar to one from example, with that difference that I’ve disabled loading - I want an empty place.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Even though you did not change the code from the example very much, it can make a difference :slight_smile: Mind you sharing it via CodeSandbox?

Hi Niklas,

thanks for the quick reply but I cannot get along with this CodeSanbox ;/.

Here is gist

EDIT: Acctualy it’s not my code but with the same effect:

Found it! You have to add:

ngOnInit(): void {