Angular Application How to Add Event Listener on diagram element

I have Angular Application that implements some functionality of bpmnJS
As for now there’s such diagram:

I am trying to add Event Listener on one of the elements:

ngAfterViewChecked(): void {

//select the end event
var elementRegistry = this.bpmnJS.get("elementRegistry");
if (elementRegistry._elements != null) {
  let element = elementRegistry.get('Activity_1iag6z7');
  element.addEventListener('click', this.onClick.bind(this));


Element is successfully found
But when I try to AddEventListener I have error like this
Can you please tell me, what am I doing wrong?

The elements are not HTML elements so addEventListener won’t work. This example should help you: bpmn-js-examples/interaction at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples · GitHub