Alternative to auto placement

On the demo site (, the auto placement of a new task puts it on top of a current task which can be completely overlaid, particularly when the model has a large number of tasks. Are there any ways to change this behavior, e.g. automatically place the new task in a nearby unoccupied space? Any solutions in javascript would be appreciated. I’m developing a visualization for differences between a BPMN model and a process log: the identified differences (e.g. non-existent tasks and sequence flows) will be added and/or highlighted on the existing model but should not completely hide the existing elements.


The default behavior of the AutoPlace for creating elements by the ContextPad is to put the new element just right next to its source (see this for more details). Can you give us any scenario/ example diagram where your case is happened?

Ok. I can see the way AutoPlace works. As described in the question, the expected feature is for comparing two process models and highlighting differences.

Please describe what behavior you’re trying to achieve. What have you tried already? What are you struggling with? Code snippets and/or screenshots would be helpful.