Adding markup to element templates

Is it possible to add some markup to element templates, e.g. to provide some instructions or help information to the user, when that template gets displayed in the property panel?

You can use the description field for that purpose:

  "$schema": "",
  "name": "Description Test",
  "id": "description-test",
  "appliesTo": [
  "properties": [
      "value": "Foobar name",
      "binding": {
        "type": "property",
        "name": "name"
      "description": "Foobar description"

The result will be a description below the field:


Thanks @philippfromme I know about the description, but I’m looking for some markup which doesn’t belong to a specific field.

Where would you expect that markup to appear? Maybe we can turn this into a feature request.

Just like a field, but without a widget for text, drop-down or checkbox.

@jurgenhaas Would be great if you could share a mock-up of your idea. What exactly do you want to accomplish? Why does it matter in your use-case? How do you look to integrate the help text into the UI?

Here is an example of an applied event template in the property panel. That event has 5 properties, 3 of which have a description.

On the top of the custom properties, we would like to display some extra information. In this case, it’s about tokens which are provided by this event. Other templates may have no such extra info, or some don’t have any properties, but still some extra information.

Does that make sense?


In Drupal’s form API, this is e.g. handled such that we have field types similar to the property panel, e.g. text, checkbox, select, etc. And there is a type called markup which allows arbitrary HTML markup to be provided and that’s rendered within the form just as if it were a form field as well.