Adding event listener overrides default contextpad behavior

I am using Modeler and I am adding event listener using for using

 this.eventBus.on('', (event: { element: any; }) => { 
/// Show custom sidepanel

But this overrides default behavior which which is to show the panel through which shows context-pad

Is there any way by which I can have my own custom click handler as well it should also have its default behavior which is to show the context-pad

Any help would be highly appreciated…



Could you please share your code on a Sandbox so that we can investigate what’s going on?

As you can see in this example, I can console.log when I click on the elements but the context pad is still visible too, so by default it’s not overriding the default behavior.

Make sure you don’t return false from your listener so the event is propagated further.

Thanks Philip.Unintentionally false was being sent from other function.