Adding custom properties to all existing element types

I need to add a property to all existing elements, and I wanted to find a superclass to extend that would let me add it to all elements, without having to assign it to each individually. I’ve tried extending bpmn:Element, bpmn:Shape and bpmn:Object, but none of them appear to be valid (they throw “Uncaught TypeError: extended is undefined”).
I’ve also tried “superclass”: Element as in several of the custom-properties examples, but it doesn’t appear to save my field when I do that.

      "name": "MyElement",
      "extends": [
      "properties": [
          "name": "nameTranslation",
          "isAttr": true,
          "type": "String"

Is there a place anywhere that actually lists the elements and their inheritances? I couldn’t find anything on this forum or in the code.

Did you check out bpmn-moddle, specifically the meta-model it defines?

It lists all elements and their inheritance chain.

Thank you, yes - I hadn’t realized that was where they were defined. I’ll add the new code if it works after I test it!

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