Adding camunda plugins to bpmn-js

I have a pretty nice working bpmn-js instance in my angular application with a custom props panel, element-templates, linters, and I was just wondering to what extent can the camunda plugins such as GitHub - viadee/camunda-modeler-tooltip-plugin: Add tooltips to various BPMN-elements revealing technical properties. can be implemented and how?

You cannot just take a Camunda Modeler plugin and pass it to bpmn-js, but you can use the plugin’s bpmn-js extension as an additional module. With the plugin you shared, you could just use the export from this file.

import TooltipInfoServiceModule from './TooltipInfoService.js';
import Modeler from 'bpmn-js/lib/Modeler';

const modeler = new Modeler({
  container: 'id',
  additionalModules: [ TooltipInfoServiceModule ]

PS Don’t forget to add the plugin’s styles! Otherwise, it will be unusable :slight_smile:

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