Adding bpmn Element

I want to add loopCondition element to the standardLoopCharacteristics ,

var docs = bpmnFactory.create(‘bpmn:LoopCondition’, { text: values.vals });
I got this error ,


Hi @Marwa_Ajmi

Are you sure bpmn-js has bpmn:LoopCondition moddle type?

I checked with modeler._moddle.registry.packages[0].types.filter(function(f) { return === 'LoopCondition' }) and can not find anythings.

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Hi @Hadi_Jami

I’m using jbpm plugin on eclipse , and I’m trying to associate some properties to my modeler ,

After adding ScriptTask properties ,

I got this bpmn file

   <bpmn2:scriptTask id="ScriptTask_2" name="Script Task 2" isForCompensation="true" scriptFormat="ScriptFormat1">
      <bpmn2:standardLoopCharacteristics id="StandardLoopCharacteristics_8">
        <bpmn2:loopCondition xsi:type="bpmn2:tFormalExpression" id="FormalExpression_10" evaluatesToTypeRef="_ItemDefinition_99" language="">Hello World
      <bpmn2:script>Script 1</bpmn2:script>