Adding a Popup window for each element


Actually i saw the property panel example provided by Bpmnio.
I need a popup window instead of property panel. Can anyone help me out how to do it ?

On each element, customized pop-window has to appear with properties.
Example :

User Task : Pop window should have - Classname, Assignment and Event.


the properties panel is built in a way that the content is shown in a panel (otherwise it would be called properties popup ;)). Changing this behavior would be a fundamental change which is not easy to implement (and maybe you might be better writing your own property editing solution).

Another (much more pragmatic) approach would be to extend the properties panel (see this example) and define (or restrict to) the properties you need. This does not get you a popup but control over the content in the panel.


When I click on any element in the diagram, is there an way to show a pop up window. Can I add another bpmn drawing in the pop up window?

Let me know if it is possible. An example would be helpful.


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