Adding a lane in a lane - VISIO


I’m currently doing a BPMN Process Notation with Visio.
For this Notation i need a lane which is subdivided in two more lanes (see my pretty drawing).
I have tried several things.

For example:

Pool = Company Name in my drawing “Engineering-X GmbH”

  1. Lane (after Pool) = Department Name in my drawing “1st Level Support”
  2. Lane which subdivides 1. Lane = Name of a specialist department within a department


Thanks for your help! Kind regards

Hi @Torben,

I don’t know how to do this in Visio. But with you can create it in a vendor independent BPMN Standard compliant way and select a lane in the pool and use the context pad to devide a lane into sublanes:


Afterwards you can save the diagram or the image to your computer:


Hope this helps, Ingo

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