Adding a Intermediate boundary non-interrupt Timer to the palette

Hi !

We’ve added different kind of bpmn elements to the palette with no problem… but adding a boundary non-interrupt timer is getting complicated for us.

How do we specify the “cancelActivity: false” attribute?

We already followed this for intermediate timers and regualar boundary timers… but it seems not to work with non-interrupting timers.


What did you try? How does your integration into the palette look like?

I have a CustomPalette module I created following the examples, with something like the code below:

So far I tried by passing “cancelActivity: false” in the param “options” of createAction, and also by sending that on the first param of the “createShape” inside the createAction.

The createAction method is the one mentioned here.

PaletteProvider.prototype.getPaletteEntries = function(element) {
   assign(actions, {  
      ... UserTask, ServiceTask ...
       'create.timer-boundary': createAction(
            'bpmn:BoundaryEvent', 'event2','bpmn-icon-intermediate-event-catch-timer','User Task Timer',
              { eventDefinitionType: 'bpmn:TimerEventDefinition'}
      ) //This code generates a boundary timer event. Need to make it non-interrupting.