Adding a class to each tab in Properties Panel

Hi, i am new in BPMN and i am trying to add a custom class to each already existing Tab in PropertiesPanel, i searched for something close to what i am looking for and didnt found!

For an example, not related to properties panel, i sucessfully added a custom attribute in each element, but i couldnt do the same thing for properties panel, can someone help me?

Here is the example i did on context-pad:

const eventBus = modeler.get('eventBus');

        const getElementType = (type) => {
          return type.replace('bpmn:', '');

        const addElementClass = (element, type) => {
          if (typeof element !== 'undefined') {
            element.setAttribute('orb-class', getElementType(type));

        eventBus.on('', function (event) {

        eventBus.on('propertiesPanel.getProviders', function (event) {

In that example added the ‘orb-class’ attribute for each element and with that i changed a lot of things with CSS, there is anyway to do this with the Tabs in Properties Panel?

Thank you all in advance