Add to or update event definitions

Following on from this topic - Element's children - I am able to get to the event definitions, but is there a way to update them, e.g to add a child element?

For example, I am trying to achieve something like this:

<bpmn:timerEventDefinition id="_erIyiJZ7EeSDh8PHobjSSA">
    <bpmn:timeCycle id="_erIyiZZ7EeSDh8PHobjSSA" language="cron">0/1 * * * * ?</bpmn:timeCycle>

Can that be done?

You can create all model objects and properties programmatically:

I am not able to access the sandbox link, looks like it is broken.

The link is two years old, so chances are high that it’s gone.

If you have a similar problem, feel free to open a new thread.