Add own widget to properties panel

Hi all,
I try to add a new custom widget to the properties panel and define this new widget as a type for an element template. Do I have to fork the bpmn-js-properties-panel for that or is there a “plugin like” way to add new widgets?

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I don’t really know what you mean by “widget” but did you have a look at this example? It might be explaining what you’re looking for.

Thnx for the link. This helps, but I wonder if its possible to define a new type which can be used within an element template. With widget I mean a custom element like autocompletion inputfield.

Something like this:

And what do you mean by “type”?

With type i mean a type in an element-template json (

“properties”: [
“label”: “CustomField”,
"type": “CustomType”,
“value”: “Bla…”,
“binding”: {
“type”: “property”,
“name”: “camunda:inputParameter”

If you want to let your custom widget set values of a new type, the example I linked above should have you covered as well.

But it should be impossible to create a new type dynamically, dependent on the user input of your new widget as you have to load moddle-extensions on start-up.