Add new Events to Context Pad

I would like to add new events like Conditional Start Event, Conditional Boundary Event (non-interrupting), Conditional Intermediate Catch Event, Conditional Boundary Event to the list of events in context pad. Conditional Boundary Event image

Hi @Milan_Sakic ,

in general this is controlled by the ReplaceMenuProvider. You can add custom replace options by adding a custom replaceMenuProvider, see for example how we change the replaceMenu for Camunda Cloud diagrams in camunda-bpmn-js.

However, note that replacing an element by another specific one should only be supported, if the new element would actually be valid in place of the old element. Hence my question: which use case do you want to support in particular?


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For example like here: bpmn-js Custom Context Pad Provider remove entry - CodeSandbox
see on image down below how there are available events like “Error End Event” and “Message End Event”. I want to add more events.


Which events do you want to add?

Conditional Start Event , Conditional Boundary Event (non-interrupting) , Conditional Intermediate Catch Event , Conditional Boundary Event


So as said, basically you can follow along how we do it in the ReplaceMenuProvider.

I sketched a basic solution which implements the replacement of endEvents with conditionalStartEvents in this sandbox. Still, I don’t fully understand why you would like to morph an endEvent to a startEvent? Anyhow, the sandbox shows how it works in principle:Screenshot_20210922_142028

Regarding BoundaryEvents => here a replacement is not possible from a user experience point of view. Boundary Events always have a host / ie. they are attached to a host element. Since an endEvent does not have a host / is not attached to another element, it cannot simply be morphed to a boundaryEvent.