Add new custom propery

Can I add custom property to user task configuration?
label: ‘User Task’,
actionName: ‘replace-with-user-task’,
className: ‘bpmn-icon-user’,
target: {
type: ‘bpmn:UserTask’,
subType: 'dialog’

and see this property in businessObject ?


could you tell us what you want to achieve with custom properties? Because there is some more effort needed to be able to define and store properties other than standard conform BPMN properties.

I customize BPMN modeler so I can use many user tasks that vary with attribute implementation. I load my own list of TASK to library and I use eventBus to check with one user mark. Each user task have own extension elements and I need to distinguish with one user mark. I write my own propery grid to fill extension element but I can not check with user task is marked. In bisnessObject i dont have any unique value (my unique value is implementation).
Can you suggest my best way to do this ?