Add new component to DMN modeler via plugin

I would like to add a dropdown selection to the Input Label inside the decision table instead of having a free text input.
Let’s say I have a dropdown component, is it possible to add this feature as a plugin extension? How do I render it inside the modeler?

Let’s try to narrow this down. Is it possible to use the Overlays API for the dmn modeler?
I have this function

function Dropdown(eventBus, overlays) {
  eventBus.on('', function(event) {
    overlays.add('SCAN_OK', {
      position: {
        bottom: 0,
        right: 0
      html: '<h1>Mixed up the labels?</h1>'

but I have an error in the modeler: No provider for "overlays"! How do I fix this?
Is this the right approach for what I’m trying to accomplish?

There is no overlays feature in dmn-js by default. You can easily add it to the DRD modeler:

Since it requires a diagram-js-based modeler it cannot be used with the decision table modeler. What exactly would you want to use it for in that context?

Thanks for the reply.
I’m working on a plugin to add a dropdown selection to the decision table cell in place of the Input field Add Values.
How could I do it?