Add data entered as <script> tag inside <bpmn:scriptTask>

Hey nikku, i need help. below is what i am looking for

when script task is selected i am rendering input field using
if (is(element, ‘bpmn:ScriptTask’)) {
id: “script-input”,
label: “Add Script”,
modelProperty: “Script”,

the input entered should be added to xml (within the )
<bpmn:scriptTask id=“sid-42396C9C-2A10-4C2D-8BDE-213E63366D2E”>


how to use the value entered in modelProperty above, to add script tag inside bpmn:scriptTask?
i went through some of the links like these

Properties-panel-extension descriptor to add child element but was unable to find a solution

Please do not ask specific people for answers.

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I was able to get it to work. Thanks anyway.

Mind sharing your solution?

if (is(element, ‘bpmn:ScriptTask’)) {
id : ‘script’,
description : ‘Enter your script here’,
label : ‘Script’,
modelProperty : ‘script’,

the modelProperty should be ‘script’, this will add the user input value inside the bpmn:scriptTask tag
<bpmn:scriptTask id=“sid-42396C9C-2A10-4C2D-8BDE-213E63366D2E”>
<bpmn:script > user input value</bpmn:script>
using textBox will help multiple line scripts.

Hope this helps someone :slightly_smiling_face: