Add Custom Validations for Delete Deployments

Hey Folks,

We have a scenario where we allow Users to delete deployments via a button and also through the Camunda REST API ( DELETE /deployment/{id}). For delete deployments, via the button, we are using the below method,

ProcessEngines.getDefaultProcessEngine().getRepositoryService().deleteDeployment(parameters.get("DeploymentId").toString(), true);

We have a requirement to write custom validation for both the above scenarios(via a button or via the REST API for delete deployments).

Appreciate it if you could provide any suggestions for the above requirement. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for the support !

It looks like your question is not related to our project or one of our toolkits. For questions regarding other tools please refer to their respective communication channels. If your question is about the Camunda platform or the Camunda Modeler, please head over to the Camunda forum for assistance.

Please provide more context if you are certain this is the right place to get an answer and we may be able to help you.

Thank you :sunny: