Add custom svg base 64 image for the dropped Pallate Element

I have able to integrate Custom Element shape on Pallate using

i have changed .icon-custom-triangle background url from other svg shape,its show correct on pallate but when i have dropped that element it always dropped Traingle Element on convas .

so, how its possible to dropped same element which is in Pallate to convas

here is the attached screens


Just to be clear: The element on the palette and the element on the canvas are two different things. On the palette it can be anything that you can achieve using CSS (e.g. image, text). On the canvas the element is a SVG that is rendered by bpmn-js. In order to be able to render your custom element you need to specify how this element is supposed to be rendered. In the example project there is a custom renderer that knows how to render the triangle so every time a triangle is to be rendered it will take care of it.

Thanks @philippfromme, yes it works fine for 2 default element on diagram above

traingle and circle ,but when i am dropping 3rd custome element its showing un-known type


i have also add query-trigger type on below javascript file CustomContextPadProvider.js,CustomElementFactory.js,CustomRenderer.js,but still having same issue

Same problem as described in the other thread: