Add camunda attributes to businesObject in a custom element

Hi guys
So i am writing a custom element and I am trying to add those camunda attributes in the bussinessObject, so that when I click on the element, I can have those attributes in the bussineseObject to pass that to the properties panel for modification. I added the following logics in the customElectmentfactory but I am not sure if that’s the correct way to do this. If not, if someone can point me to the right direction.

function CustomElementFactory(bpmnFactory, moddle) {, bpmnFactory, moddle);

  var self = this;

  this.create = function(elementType, attrs) {
    var type = attrs.type,

    if (/^custom\:/.test(type)) {
      size = self._getCustomElementSize(type);

      if (!attrs.businessObject) {
        attrs.businessObject = {
          $type: type,
          moddle: moddle.registry.typeMap <------- I see those attributes are in there 

      return self.baseCreate(elementType,
        assign({ type: elementType, businessObject: businessObject }, attrs, size));

    return self.createBpmnElement(elementType, attrs);