Add and load the notations with some custom properties

Hi ,

I am new to bpmn. My project is leveraging on bpmn for generating xml. I have got an issue.
I am dragging notation from pallette or from the context page. On element.added event I am adding some properties using updateProperties() which will be part of xml as shown below.

But when I do ‘undo’ on the notation, first all the properties will be removed and on the second ‘undo’ action, notation gets removed.

But my requirement is to remove both the notation and the properties at once.
How do we achieve this.

  • Is there any way that we can create an element along with properties while dragging notation on to the canvas.
  • Any way that we can remove the action updateProperties() from command stack.
    Any way.
<bpmn2:task id="Task_1" name="Examine Situation" qa:suitable="0.7">
          <qa:comment author="Klaus">
            Our operators always have a hard time to figure out, what they need to do here.

Thanks a million in advance.

I assume you’re hooking into the event shape.added. In order to undo all the commands you executed after a command you have to use a CommandHandler.