A full list of all events

Hi, I wanted to quickly ask if there is a list of events that can be intercepted on the eventBus. I have seen possible values in a number of different places (e.g. ín the forum, in the examples or in the repo).

What I am looking for is either a comprehensive list of available events or a way of detecting (and logging) every event certain interactions trigger, so that I know what I can hook into.

Hi @Adrian
If you’ve access to modeler instance then you can use this modeler.get('eventBus') to get all event.

 var modelerInstance = new BpmnJS({
        container: '#canvas',
        keyboard: {
          bindTo: window

events: modelerInstance.get('eventBus')

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Thanks, that is already very helpful. As far as I can see these events are not documented though, so it is a bit difficult to judge when they fire. Do you by any chance know if my second idea (log every event as it happens, so you can see which interaction causes what event) is possible?

you got the complete list or documentaion?

With modelerInstance.get('eventBus') you can access all events can fired on modeler. bpmn-js support multiple provider like eventbus, elementRegistry and more.