Which format svg use bpmn

I don’t find a format like this on the web

m {mx},{my} l 0,{e.y1} l {e.x1},0 l 0,-{e.y1} z l {e.x0},{e.y0} l {e.x0},-{e.y0}

how can export a svg to the previous format

<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" width="15" height="13.125" viewBox="0 0 15 13.125">
  <path id="comment-solid" d="M7.5,32C3.357,32,0,34.728,0,38.094a5.409,5.409,0,0,0,1.67,3.829A7.453,7.453,0,0,1,.064,44.729a.233.233,0,0,0-.,0,0,0,.214.141,6.7,6.7,0,0,0,4.119-1.506,8.935,8.935,0,0,0,3.146.568c4.143,0,7.5-2.728,7.5-6.094S11.643,32,7.5,32Z" transform="translate(0 -32)"/>


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Thanks :heart:

I can add a custom icon in the pathmap.js, but the svg coordinates are different in the format.
After export a svg icon from font-aweasome the library show the icon correctly but in the position 0,0 (corner)

    'Image': {
      d: 'M13.594,15.75H1.406A1.406,1.406,0,0,1,0,14.344V5.906A1.406,1.406,0,0,1,1.406,4.5H13.594A1.406,1.406,0,0,1,15,5.906v8.438A1.406,1.406,0,0,1,13.594,15.75ZM3.281,6.141A1.641,1.641,0,1,0,4.922,7.781,1.641,1.641,0,0,0,3.281,6.141ZM1.875,13.875h11.25V10.594L10.561,8.03a.352.352,0,0,0-.5,0L6.094,12,4.467,10.374a.352.352,0,0,0-.5,0l-2.1,2.1Z',
      height: 14,
      width:  21,
      heightElements: [6, 14],
      widthElements: [10.5, 21]


How can I move the icon to the center or some pixeles to (x,y) or how convert my svg formay to your format to make it compatible.

SvgPathEditor can translate or scale the svg. Thanks

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