Where is the shape rendered of palette's element in the source code

I try to follow the source code begin with “new BpmnModeler”,
when I saw Palette init function, I try to find where is the render function of the element in Pallete

what I confuesed is I just found the dom element created in the Palette.prototype._update function but never found the shape rendered like “hand tool”,“start event”

Palette.prototype._update = function() {
  var html = entry.html || (
      entry.separator ?
        '<hr class="separator" />' :
        '<div class="entry" draggable="true"></div>');

    var control = domify(html);

    if (!entry.separator) {
      domAttr(control, 'data-action', id);// id: create.start-event

      if (entry.title) {
        domAttr(control, 'title', entry.title);

      if (entry.className) {
        addClasses(control, entry.className);

      if (entry.imageUrl) {
        control.appendChild(domify('<img src="' + entry.imageUrl + '">'));

And where I found the shape created is in the dragging event
so, anybody can tell me how the shape render of palette’element, thanks

The icons are added through an icon font. You won’t find any of the icons in the code. What are you trying to achieve?

got it, I used to guess they are added through fonts file,but never found the style file import :joy:.Thanks for your answer.I want to customize some icons and logic,I will continue to read the code.Thanks again.