Using JS modify property panel's input value , nothing changed!

For example:
$("#camunda-name").val(‘mmmm’); // it is futile

so, I guess that it must be trigger some event to update diagram or bpmn .


someone help me ... I don't know how to use bpmn-js correctly , only to try it , but  it is so ineffective.:weary:

Hello @1111

if you have currently selected element then you can refer below code

var modeling = bpmnModeler.get('modeling');
modeling.updateProperties(selectedElement, ,{name: 'mmmm'});

if you don’t have selected element then first you need to get the selected element from elementRegestry

var selectedElement= bpmnModeler.get('selection').get();

for more help you can refer this.

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thank you very much :kissing_heart:

Hi @xuchaojavascript,

please avoid to necrobump old topics, as I already wrote in the other topic. Try to open a new topic with your specific question, your use case, what you want to achieve and more information about the problem and the error you’ve got revealed.