Use of same ID for different elements leads to render problems


I encountered a problem with the bpmn-viewer, when there exist XML elements of different types which have the same ID property.
When I load my BPMN file (created in the old Eclipse Camunda Modeler) in the new modeler i get the following warning:

unparsable content <bpmn2:boundaryEvent> detected
	line: 20
	column: 69
	nested error: id <TIMER_1> already used
element <camunda:FormField id="TIMER_1" /> referenced by <bpmn:SequenceFlow id="SequenceFlow_3" />#sourceRef not yet drawn

bpmn2:boundaryEvent and camunda:FormField have the ID “TIMER_1”

As a result the boundary event is not drawn in the viewer. Can this be considered as a bug?
I could not find an XSD restriction which does not allow these ids to be the same, so I guess, my XML is valid.

I did not yet dig into the bpmn-viewer source to find the ids are processed. Could someone maybe point me in the right direction?

Cheers Chris

Ids are meant to be unique identifiers across the whole diagram. So in general it is not a bug if the modeler fails to import a diagram with id clashes.

Your case is a bit special, as the <camunda:bla id="..." /> is for engine identification purposes and thus not related to diagram elements at all.

Still you could argue that the uniqueness argument holds (everything else would be confusing for the user).

Thanks nikku for the reply!