Usability improvements in properties panel

Since you are moving forward to address citizen developers now, it would be a good idea to make the properties panel a bit more user friendly. You did a great job with introducing Element Templates in order to get rid of text input for a fully qualified class name. Other important shortcomings of the properties panel currently are

  1. text input for users and groups instead of a dropdown with auto-completion (based on the /user and /group REST endpoint)
  2. no date choser for due date and follow up date
  3. no dropdown menu for priority
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All valid points. We will add these to our TODO list.

Today, I came over another shortcoming, that partly applies to the properties panel and partly to the Camunda engine. I’d really like to have a chance to add a description to every single input element in user task forms. In almost every task generation engine you have label, data type and a hint text that is either shown in grey inside the input element as long as there is no input, underneath the input or as a tooltip on the input element. I know that I can embed custom HTML forms to achieve that, but it would be so much easier if both the property panel and the engine would support this.