Unable to bootstrap modeler and create initial diagram


When I try to embed a modeler inside my application (using bower) I get the following errors:

The modeler is initialized with the following:

var BpmnJS = window.BpmnJS;
// create renderer
var renderer = new BpmnJS ({
  container: '#canvas',
  height: 400

And I create the diagram using the following method:

renderer.createDiagram(function(){}); //no callback

As you can see, this is a very basic example. What might be the problem?


Any chance you can put the full example on GitHub / jsfiddle?

@nikku I modified the simple-bower example to have modelling capabilities by changing the line

<script src="../bower_components/bpmn-js/dist/bpmn-vierwer.js"></script> 


<script src="../bower_components/bpmn-js/dist/bpmn-modeler.js"></script>

and I get the same errors. Am I doing something wrong?

Doh! Ok. Nevermind! I forgot to include hammer.js in the simple-bower example. It’s working now. I’ll try to figure it out what I am missing…

I’ve figured it out. The problem was that I was working with an incompatible version of Snap.svg (0.2.0) and now that I’ve updated it I no longer have the problem.

For posterity sake, the problem was resolved by doing:

bower cache clean && bower install bpmn-js

Nice to hear you could track down the issue.