Track Changes in the Properties Panel

Hey Folks,

I would want to track any changes in the properties-panel, [example: actions like changes to a text-box, or changes to a drop-down or even a button click in the properties panel].

I have tired the below code in Modeler.js.

      eventBus.on(`propertiesPanel.changed`, function (e) {
         console.log('Hello World');

But this would track even an on-click action in the canvas, which I do not want.

I only want to track any changes to the properties-panel elements as mentioned above.

Highly appreciated if anyone could assist or provide with any work around.

Thank you in advance for the support ! :slight_smile:

@maxtru @nikku highly appreciate your support ! :slight_smile:

The properties panel merely tracks changes in the diagram. You can listen to commandStack.changed instead. What is your use case?