Text gets messed up when using certain latin letters (MS Edge browser)

Steps to recreate issue:

  1. Open the online demo ( http://demo.bpmn.io/new) and create a new diagram
  2. Double click on the start event to assign a label and enter text “AAAAČĆŽŠĐZ”
  3. Use mouse scroller to first zoom-in and then zoom-out the diagram
    At this point the entered text gets messed-up (screenshots below)

After editing label:

After zooming in and out:

Sorry, I can not reproduce this using Chrome 60 on Windows 10. Any further hints?

Sorry i forgot to mention that this only happens in MS Edge browser.

Sorry, I can not reproduce this using Edge either. Can you safely reproduce it or did it only happen once?

It seems there was a bug in MS EDGE 38.xxx. With the latest version 40.xxx everything works fine.