Text field entry not rendering on custom properties section

I am trying to create a custom property section magic properties referring example https://github.com/bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples/blob/master/properties-panel-extension/README.md. Same code is used from this example but I am dont see text field entry render on browser.

So not able to figure out whats the issue? why custom text field entry is not rendering under magic properties.

Could you share a CodeSandbox that demonstrates the issue?

@beatriz.mendes We are referring to this codesandbox - bpmn-properties-extension - CodeSandbox

As soon as you click on the Seq 1 arrow in the modal, you see following error. Any help / pointers would be appreciated.


Thanks for sharing the Sandbox :+1: Your custom entry uses JSX, so you would have to add a loader/bundler to make it work. In the example we are using the babel-loader for this.

Thanks @Niklas_Kiefer , we will try this.