Swimmlines and pools development

Hello, let me first of all thank you for your effort of bringing BPMN modeler to opensource community.

In our project we would like to use bpmn io web modeler. Thing is it is not much of use for us without pools and lines. We are on a way to implements pools and swimmlines. However I can imagine that those are probably quite high on your TODO list as well. I know it is not very nice to ask for ETAs. But could you at least tell me whether you think we should start implementing the swimlines by ourselves or whether we should wait because you have it half-done already. :wink:


I updated our roadmap to reflect the latest planning. We are currently working on Pools/Participants. Lanes and boundary events will follow afterwards.

Feel free to get yourself familiar with the code base. I do not believe it makes sense to start working on lanes before pools are actually implemented.

Dear @nikku,

Based on your experience, when is next release (with pools, message flows and attached events) expected?

I actually want to use bpmn-js to support front-end of my thesis project, and this could save me a lot of time as I would not need to add it by myselft.

Kind regards

Pools and message flows will ship soon (this/next week).