Suggestion: Default position of gateway label above gateway

Right now the default position of a gateway label is below the gateway. However it is common to build up your process diagram from left to right, and from top to bottom (I have no empirical evidence for that, it is just my personal experience plus it is aligned with how you read and write in the western world, from left to right and top to bottom).

As a result, the gateway label almost always overlaps with an outgoing sequece flow:

I would therefore suggest to position the gateway label above the gateway as a default. Of course I can also just move the label myself, but 1) it is a bit annoying if I always have to do that and 2) it is not so great when showing off :smile:

As you can see in the pic, the default label positions of the sequence flow are not optimal either, but I assume this is work in progress anyway and will be optimized one day.

Of course this whole matter is not very important. I still wanted to point it out, in order to support you creating an awesome user experience.

Valid point. I like your suggestion.