Start Learning Using BPMNJS


I want to start developing react application with BPMN-js dependencies.
I saw the examples but I didn’t know how can I use them.
Any help, please.


Hi @houssemaydi :wave:

We will try our best to support you. What exactly don’t you understand to use the examples?

Hello @Niklas_Kiefer, thank you for your answer.
I didn’t get the idea of using js library in reactjs component.
If you have any example it could help please

Can you explain a bit more, what you want to achieve, please? To you want to use bpmn-js inside a React application?

exactly i need to use bpmnjs in react app

This should get you up to speed: GitHub - bpmn-io/react-bpmn: Display BPMN 2.0 diagrams in React.

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