Please I need help.

How I can test this code:


I am trying to test it within process code but it is not working (nothing is happening and the signal catch event is not triggered), does this mean that it is only possible to use it by other application (integration purposes) that will call java class that will use this code?

Why I am asking this? Because I need to trigger the signal catch event (intermediate) to resume the workflow from outside software and I know that ProcessEngines.getDefaultProcessEngine().getRuntimeService().signalEventReceived("SignalName"); can be used to trigger the intermediate signal catch event to resume the workflow, but how to test it? Because I tried it from the process (in the user task and in the service task) but nothing is happening, although I was able to trigger the signal using the signalthrowingevent which is part of the workflow it self.

Appreciate the kindly advise.


This question is out of scope for our forum, please turn to the Camunda forum for Camunda engine related questions.