Sequence Flows overlapping Tasks

Please, is it possible to “hide” links under the tasks? I know that links are drawn after tasks, but I would like to hide them (set them a lower z-index in terms of html and css) or set them lighter color in that overlapping parts. Sorry for a quite bad example illustrating the idea.

It is clear what you’d like to achieve.

Could you give a little bit more reason? Why do you prefer option number 2?

We have implemented different layout for the links on demand of our custommers, so the links are like splines, thus overlapping tasks sometimes. Maybe I would prefer hiding the overlapping parts instead of giving them lighter color.

This diagram-js feature allows specifying the order of elements. bpmn-js uses it to specify the order for BPMN 2.0 elements. You can either modify this behavior or implement an additional feature that also inherits from OrderingProvider and is a CommandInterceptor under the hood in order to intercept when elements are created.

I hope I could help.

Looking a little bit more into this, this could actually be a neat feature, improving our existing rendering and modeling interaction:


I’ve created issue #727 to track this.

Thanks for the great tip. And is it possible to get the links hidden at the time of loading/rendering the entire diagram?

Not that easy. This is the main challenge behind the issue I’ve filed.

@Habr Sequence flows behind tasks will be the default behavior in the next version of bpmn-js.