Send Custom event

i have a bpmn modeler embedded in an angular application,
i want to open a modal in the angular side once i click in a button in the bpmn property panel
please help, how can i acheive that


bpmn-js-properties-panel emits different events depending on what you do. For instance clicking on a checkbox or changing a textbox will result in EventBus emitting a propertiesPanel.changed event.

You can then hook into this event using EventBus:

and execute Angular level code inside the callback function.

and execute Angular level code inside the callback function

how we could use a callback function, is there a way for example to inject an angular service instance or how exactly if you have an idea :))

I do not really know how you open a dialogue with Angular. Lets say you have this function called openDialogue which opens a dialogue.

You can then hook into propertiesPanel.changed event like this:

  eventBus.on(`propertiesPanel.changed`, function(e) {

There’s more detailed information here about how to hook into events, how to get an instance of eventBus etc.

i get it working now after properly inject my service using this thread

but you your suggestion helped me a lot
thank you

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