Selecting short connectors is a challenge

When you’ve got short connectors in your diagram, it is nearly impossible to select it. The only way often is to use the ribbon tool to select.

Should be fixed with the latest bpmn-js version. Have a look and see if you can still reproduces it at

Hi @nikku, the functionality on is great and it solves exactly my issue. Sorry I’m working mostly offline and therefor using the downlodadable modeller, so I didn’t mentioned this issue was already fixed.

Should be fixed in the latest version of the camunda-modeler, too.

You’re right. I didn’t notice, that a new modeler was released.
Bdw any hint I can find out the version of my local modeller and compare it to the most recent published version from camunda?

No way to figure that out yet. We are working on something like that (i.e. check for new version or the like).