Save the default property to bpmn.xml?

How to Save the default property to bpmn.xml ? like this.
“name”: “MYEndEvent”,
“extends”: [
“properties”: [
“name”: “name”,
“isAttr”: true,
“type”: “String”,
“default”: “end”,
“redefines”: “bpmn:FlowElement#name”
xml bpmn2:endEvent id=“EndEvent_0cjtp79” myflow:name=“end”

The idea about the default property is that it does not need to be serialized to XML (as it is the default one, applying once no property is given).

If I need it, what should I do? Thanks !

May I set property value to element as the default when the it created ? And if I achieve by this way, how to finish it?

Nothing right now, as we do not support it.

Use the moddle without the default property and serialize your non default attribute manually with every modeling operation.

What exactly would you like to achieve and why (usage scenario)? If we get a better understanding for this we may be able to assist you.

When the node created, I need to set some propertise to it and it can be be serialized to XML.
Like,When I create an end node, it’s name will be set as “end”, and it can be saved to XML.
xml bpmn2:endEvent id=“EndEvent_0cjtp79” myflow:name=“end”